Essential Tools and Tactics for Social Media Video

By 4th December 2016 No Comments

How to make a good video

So you want to make video content?

Good  how-to article from Newswhip on Social Media Video;

What tools and tactics do you need for creating successful Facebook videos? We list the ways your video will get people engaging in the News feed.

Facebook video (video on social media in general) continues to drive more engagement than ever. Facebook video is seeing enormous likes, shares, and comments, even as other formats may see less engagement.

It’s no secret how big a priority Social Media Video is to Facebook. Facebook continues to put emphasis on their new technologies, Facebook Live and 360 video, including investing in publishers to produce more video.

But what are the best ways to make video for Facebook that will see engagement? We’ve looked at the five steps to Facebook video success before, and for Facebook Live. From analyzing countless videos and crunching the data, we’ve come up with the tactical tools you need for creating highly shared videos.