The Resurgence Of Retro Technology

By 27th January 2017 November 24th, 2017 No Comments

Retro Technology

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to technology. Smart phones, smart TVs, high spec laptops, and yet a lot of us are turning our backs on modern convenience for more old school tech.

Nostalgia is the driving force of many ad campaigns and has been for many years, as looking back on happy memories really seems to sell a product to us, but now it’s gone to a whole other level.

For the first time in decades 2016 saw a return of retro-technology with vinyls outselling any other form of music medium and more and more people are ditching their new shiny gaming consoles for the Atari in the attic.

Second hand gaming stores are on the rise and sites like Amazon and Ebay are seeing a boom in sales on retro gaming paraphernalia.

Is it just nostalgia? Partly, but quality also comes into play with vinyl fans finding the sound quality better than CDs or downloads and gamers preferring the plots and challenges of retro games.

Apps like Pokemon Go have only increased this desire for people to relive their childhoods and now a whole new wave of  technology users are becoming familiar with classic games like Pokemon, Mario and Sonic.

Only recently McDonald’s featured all Nintendo toys in their Happy Meals meaning children who may have never picked up a Mario game now know all the characters of the coin chasing classic.

Saying this I don’t think anyone will be trading down their phones or laptops anytime soon as while some nostalgic gadgets may have stood the test of time, your old laptop from the early 2000s which has less memory than your smart phone definitely hasn’t.