Why OnePlus Is The Phone Brand To Watch

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Since it was first released 10 years ago, Apple’s iPhone has reigned supreme as the most popular smart phone on the market. Though other competitors like Samsung and HTC have developed Android smart phones with specs to rival the Apple favourite, there seems to be no toppling the iPhone’s sway on customers.

So why is it still one of the most purchased phones? When it arrived on the scene it was one of the most advanced phones available and it seems that idea is still at the forefront of customers minds even though nowadays it’s no longer can boast the best specs on the market. So what phone should buyers look to if they want the best specs and value?

The OnePlus One is an Android smartphone  designed to compare favorably – in performance, quality, and price – to flagship devices by leading smartphone manufacturers. Infact the OnePlus is extremely competitively priced costing hundreds less than the latest iPhone with the OnePlus 3T costing €439 compared to the iPhone 7Plus which retails at €919.

The phone was first made available for sale on 25 April 2014, exclusively from the OnePlus website, but initially required prospective customers to obtain an invitation before they could purchase it but as of  April 2015, it no longer required an invite to purchase.

With 64g as standard it trumps the iPhone’s 16g hands down, while it’s battery life, sometimes lasting up to 2 days after a charge is currently the best smart phone battery on the market.

The OnePlus also contains features like a mute button for your notifications and a fingerprint sensor so that no one can unlock your phone but you.

It’s USBC dash charger is great for anyone always on the go and can transfer files from your phone to your computer in a matter of seconds.

One particularly great thing is that it doesn’t come clogged with unnecessary software or unwanted apps but just a sleek, simple version of Android that you can customize to suit yourself.

With all of these perks there has to be a downside and there is. Due to OnePlus being relatively new to the market and only available from the company’s website it means repairs are more difficult as you can’t bring it to a phone store for maintenance. There have also been obstacles for those dealing with warranties on the OnePlus phone so if you’re someone who constantly finds themselves sticking their phone in a bag of rice this may be problematic.

Saying that the pros definitely out way the cons and with incredibly storage, a sharp camera and amazing value this is the phone that all techies should be looking into. If you have your eye on one though you should move fast as the popularity of the OnePlus is growing by the day.


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