Return of a Classic. The NOKIA 3310 Relaunched.

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NOKIA 3310

Remember these bad boys!


Say Hello to the new NOKIA 3310

Is your current phone screen in smithereens? Maybe it’s packed in rice in your hotpress after it slipped from your pocket straight into the loo. We have all suffered the heartbreak of injuring our smart phone somehow. Yes we got  apps that tell us we’re fat and lazy, high def cameras to capture every passing moment and geolocation which has some creepier applications. But what we really want is to return to a simpler time when a phone was primarily a phone with one game on it. And also make it indestructible please…..Step forward the NOKIA 3310 for the 21st century.
Considered by many as indestructible (because in fairness it was) there’s been many  calls for the 3310 to be put back on the market and it seems that Nokia are about to do just that. Originally in 2000 the NOKIA 3310 was in many ways the beginning of modern day mobiles.


The new NOKIA 3310 was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last Sunday and according to VentureBeat’s Evan Blass (who first leaked the details) the aim of the relaunch is to give customers back long battery life and a nearly indestructible body for £50.

While you can still buy the reliable turn-of-the-millenium handset on sites like Amazon, you can no longer buy the model from Nokia itself, though any of us who owned one back in the noughties probably still have it floating around in a drawer somewhere.

Why I’m ready for a ‘dumbphone’ revolution

But I for one am very eager to welcome its return. I am a bit old school on this but I’m really irritated that smartphones seem more preoccupied about all the apps and extra features it can add to a smartphone and overlook the core function of a phone. Yes, the bit that we use to call people. We call them phones but we’re not using them as phones and they sure as heck aren’t designing them as phones anymore.
Also I can’t wait to get my mother one. As anyone with elder parents will tell you …they cannot use smartphones. And why should we expect them to. You cannot realistically expect them to graduate from that big flat phone with the extra large button numbers that has been sitting on a doily in the hall since 1991. It’s one thing to uncoil that springy stubborn phone cord butcompletely another to upload an image to whatsapp! You’re wasting your time!!!! So this Christmas get someone you know from the grey brigade a NOKIA 3310. Maybe they should be made available by the Dept. of Social Welfare for all pensioners…there’s an idea!
And the main reason we all want a new 3310 is …..snake. What a game. Simple. Perfect. Get a hi-score without eating yourself. That’s it. Better than Mobile Strike anyday.  I just hope they don’t try to swank it up with OTT graphics.


Expected to target the European market where the original phone was most popular. It’ll be available by Summer. Let’s see how the mobile phone market responds.

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