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New Website Checklist

The bulk of our work is getting small businesses online. Sometimes they have no web presence whatsoever or perhaps they are launching a webshop to bolster business. But 100% of the time, they do not realise that the website will need many other elements in place if it is to succeed. In many ways it’s like buying a car. Now you’ve got your car, you need petrol..and tax and insurance….you need to keep it maintained..air in the tyres…water in the windscreen reservoir etc. etc. (you get the idea)

So we want to take you through the different steps you need to consider in our New Website Checklist to get your site on-track fast.

1. Hosting
First of all, you should have your domain purchased at this point. You can do that anywhere, most host providers sell domain names also. Your hosting requirements will depend on the website. If you intend on having an E-Commerce site you will need an SSL certificate (https) and you should allow for reasonable traffic and visitors. The host package you choose can effect your website speed and page loading. Tip: Get the best hosting you can afford. Or choose host with Websociety (unashamed self promotion)!

2. WordPress
Wordpress is a great platform to use especially for small businesses. It is well used and therefore well tested. There are countless plug-ins available to add all kinds of features to your site. You can add new content with zero coding experience by using drag and drop builders. Business owners are very reassured when you introduce them to the wordpress admin panel and it’s relatively painless to bring them up to speed on how to work their new website.

3. Logo design
You DO want a recognisable and pleasing brand to rollout across all you digital channels…website, social media, blogs, review sites. You DON’T need to spend a fortune on this. But you DO need to spend time thinking about your logo. Ask yourself; what are my brand colors, which font for business name, is my logo separate from the business name??? Read about good logo design principles before you put pen to paper.

4. SEO
Wordpress has a great SEO quick solution Yoast. Install the free plugin and cover all the basic on page SEO criteria. Yoast really breaks SEO down in simple to do steps and lists so within 30 mins of installing you have every thing covered.Follow this youtube tutorial if you need assistance by Darrell Wilson You may want to also sign up for Google webmaster tools, although your developer can do this on your behalf. SEO is an ongoing process that is constantly changing and evolving. It’s easy to get the basics done to get you on track.

5. Analytics
There are plenty of analytics options you can choose for your site but you do need to know and measure who is visiting your site. You can easily add google analytics to you wordpress site. Google analytics has to be the most in depth, detailed free analytics tool out there. People spend their whole career in front of that dashboard. And although it can be a bit of a rabbit-hole its relatively easy to establish basic analytics and goals.

6.Mobile Responsive
OK It’s now 2017 so if you don’t know about the mobile revolution and haven’t considered how your site looks on mobile…well you’ve a long way to go. Responsiveness is pretty standard now for all sites. If it isn’t for yours…..get in touch quick! Build you site with a mobile first menatlity. Your sites mobile performance will also effect SEO rankings.

7.More SEO
Look at your off page SEO.Verify and register your business with google, show your location on google maps and try and get customer reviews as soon as possible. Get your blog on and start post as much original content as you can across a number of recognised and reputable sites. Build links, share content, get listed on local directories, offer video tutorials, provide resources…..Hence, it’s an on going process and the SEO work is never done.

8.Social Media
Use social media to drive traffic to your site. Try and have consistent handles across all social media. Choose you social media carefully. Don’t force yourself to use all platforms. remeber you will have to post content. Stick to the platform that best suits you and  your business. Many businesses thrive on FB alone with no website! Again it will help your SEO. So it’s just a really great quick way to approach your customers and find new business.

9.Email Marketing
You are 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet.- Campaign Monitor
Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey
So email marketing is proven to be extremely successful. But a successful email campaign requires a lot of work. Opt-in forms, newsletter content, lead generation, segmentation and email list management. The spoils are not immediate but it is a worthwhile long-term marketing channel that will drive customers back again and again.

Blogs are another great resource to increase your business traffic. The more web pages that exist with your brand’s name on it the easier you’ll be found by a search engine. Also a blog is a great way to seem my approachable to a prospective customer or client as you can add a bit of your personality to it.

11.Creative Compelling Content
Quality over quantity is the key when it comes to content. You want everything that you’re putting out there to be of the highest standard and draw people in. How many posts do you  scroll past? It’s not easy standing out form the pack. So create something interesting and your audience will engage with it and share it with others.

We will be adding more in-depth posts about each of these topics over the next few weeks. We will break down our New Website Checklist. Including more detailed posts to help you get on-track quickly.

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