LEO trading online voucher: Go from zero to business hero in 2017.

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trading online voucher

Apply for an LEO trading online voucher & launch a new business.


Is your business trading online? If not why not? If you haven’t pursued an E-Commerce element to your website , you are literally selling yourself short! Especially if you can receive a grant! So get in touch with your local enterprise office and apply for a trading online voucher.

Your Local enterprise office is supporting businesses who want to facilitate E-Commerce solutions of their website (huh?). Basically, put a webshop on your site! No matter what business sector you are in, the LEO will provide assistance of up to €2500. So it’s not to be sneezed at.

Of course with any grant there are some hoops to jump through. Plus a bit of paperwork and an eligiblity criteria. But it is not excessive. Most businesses will be able to take advantage of it.

Help fund digital strategy

Not only can this grant fund development and implementation of a webshop, but it can also fund marketing strategy. So investment in digital marketing, social media marketing and online advertising can also be included in the voucher application. This is really progressive of the LEO. They obviously understand how key critical SEO and digital marketing are to the success of your website.

WebSociety can help

Of course, we at WebSociety are here to help small and emerging businesses. If you are about to launch an E-Commerce platform and have been awarded a trading online voucher, you should meet and consult with us.

We have even developed a specialise package for those awarded a trading online voucher. This covers everything you will require in launching your E-Commerce site. Including design, development, mobile-friendly, hosting, digital strategy, content marketing and even includes training.

Launch your Business Now!

Maybe you don’t have a business yet? But you have an idea. That idea is all you need. Using a combination of a trading online voucher and our experience of launching sites, your idea can become a legitimate online business in under a month. Better still, with a personal investment of only €2500.

Whatever your business, you need to be trading online. Here at WebSociety we can elevate your business online. And with the assistance of your LEO office it is incredibly affordable. So if you’re business is not trading online yet, take the leap. And if you have been mulling over a good idea, stop daydreaming! Get in touch with us and make it happen.

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