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Digital & Content is the ONLY Marketing

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Why Startups Need to Accept That Digital & Content Is the ONLY Marketing.

Why are there so many new technologies revolved around content? A how-to-guide on making digital marketing turn into conversions.

A fellow boss and Silicon Valley friend of mine, Nathan Zaru, wrote an excellent post on new digital & content marketing technologies. After reading his article, I felt the innate marketer in me to immediately respond. Why are there so many new technologies revolved around digital & content? The increase of the latest content services and apps like GatherContent, Scripted, and Cision floods my inbox daily. Do I use them? Absolutely. Because if the title suggests anything, content and digital marketing is the ONLY marketing you need to help your business succeed and turn your online presence into conversions. Technologies like these help us to execute our digital plans properly. If you’re a startup in need of marketing, you need to adapt fast, some might even coin the term Agile Marketing, where you need to start the marketing process before the development of your product.

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