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Want to get more customers? Get bloggin’!

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How can my blog win new customers?

Bad news business owners: having a blog is essential. In this digitally saturated marketplace it’s a mandatory minimum. Why do I say “Bad News”?? We find many small businesses really struggle with their blog and ask themsleves ” Does my blog win new customers ?”. The process of planning and creating interesting content is a real ordeal for small businesses. It just represents another thing to do in a very long list of things. Often it’s seen as a chore where valuable hours could be best used somewhere more ‘profitable’. So now the good news! A well crafted blog will convert customers and drive sales. It’s time to re-evaluate your blog. Stop viewing it as an aimless PR exercise. Instead consider it a valuable online tool that can create new channels of business as well as increasing traffic to your site. Let’s see how you can use your blog win new customers. Now lets breakdown blog posts for you and formulate an approach which will save you time and increase customer conversions.


We’re in the age of non-stop scrolling. How can you stand out amoungst all the other content? There are plenty of formulas digital marketeers following in crafting headlines Like Here But try and stay authentic and seem passionate rather than clickbaity (yes it’s a word!) The aim is to bond strongly with someone rather than boringly with everyone. Ask yourself the following;

  1. Who will benefit from this content?
  2. How do I help them?
  3. What makes this content special?

I’ve done a quick case study below. There’s nothing head spinning about the results. But take a moment to look at the detail and segmentation in the targeted audience. So for example our audience is not just employees or parents but a sub group or segment… remember ‘bond strongly with someone rather than boringly with everyone’. Who will benefit from this content? 1. Employees in a snack work environment 2. Parents with kids who suffer from dairy allergies How do I help them? 1. Stop snacking on treats 2. Examine dairy alternatives What makes this content special? 1. Provide healthy alternatives with added bonus of being beneficial 2. Make non dairy ingredients appealing to kids and help parents Results; 5 Superfood snacks to replace coffee break treats My Kids Love these Fun desserts….And they’re Dairy Free! Another good tip from Studio 56 “Use intriguing titles and headings to catch your reader’s attention. Use power words to help generate urgency. For example; ‘Blogging Tips For New Bloggers’ isn’t as intriguing as ‘Powerful Key Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Should Know’””

Feature Image

Try to add to and heighten the story you’ve crafted in your headline by combining it with a well designed or clever image. If you intend to push your posts out on your social media, imagery is essential…better still moving imagery likes gifs, animations or videos. We are deep in creative territory here (arrghhh). If you don’t have a graphic designer or not prepared to commission one here’s a few tips. Stock images are lame. But you can get good quality images from free sources. See some of our recommendations. If you have basic image editing skills, add a filter and incorporate text into image. Also create appropriate size images for different social media.Img Sizes here.

Write what you know

This seems obvious but is still pretty broad and everyone can struggle with material. Keep it business related. Don’t stray into the personal, opinion or belief. Focus on the challenges and experiences you are currently going through. What is the issue? How did you problem solve it? Did your solution work? And you don’t need to write about success always. A willingness to write about your failures is just as valuable….but only in the context of lessons learned or how your overcame adversity! What is communicates is authenticity and honesty. These are principles that customers value and reward. OK the aim is for the blog to win customers, but these principles will stand to you in the long-term.

Now Convert

Whats the best way to convert? Ask! Your call-to-action represents the tipping point between bounce and conversion. When you ask someone to do something online, they have to go through your call-to-action in order to do it. Most cta’s are centred on lead capture. Push for a sale directly you may get a page bounce but capture an email address and you can create a campaign to target that customer repeatedly. So you should have opt in forms, pop-up forms, subscribe buttons or members sign up on your site.

Get it out there!

Use your social media accounts to cast your blog piece net far and wide. This should reward you with increased following and the opportunity to present the personality / human face of the business. With multiple posts people will begin to notice your area of expertise and what you are passionate about. When the right opportunity is presented, they will take the leap and convert. So, have we answered the big question ‘How can my blog win new customers’? If you want to read more about getting customers through your blog, there is a great introductory article on WPMU’s blog. I also find Copyblogger is a great resource for all things blog  related!

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