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We Are 900000: A Case Study

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This website will be a resource for people who rent or intend to rent in the Rep. of
Ireland. It will be an open source, user generated project. It’s Phase One of a multiphase process that wants to engage with people that rent in a more dynamic fashion with a strength in numbers ethos that activates people to affect Government Policy around renting.

We aim to provide all the information you need about renting.

This includes:

  • Your rights as a renter
  • Each political party’s policy on renting
  • What position your local TD’s have on rental and housing and whether they are landlords themselves
  • Research and findings on the Irish rental market
  • Case studies of best practice from cities around the world. This information is intended to help people make an informed decision when you enter the ballot box at the next election.

Who are we

We are a group of Designers, Writers and Activists that live and rent in Dublin City. We have witnessed the broad spectrum impact of rising rents are having on people’s daily lives. Whether that is the stress and strain of finding affordable accommodation within a person’s budget or worried about the impact of rising rents a fixed income and the worry of falling into homelessness due to lack of security of tenure or experiencing a job loss due an inability to find suitable accommodation.

Out of control rents put inflationary pressures on the country’s cost base, affecting our economic competitiveness. It extracts money from the productive economy where we make, buy and sell products and services to each other, putting punitive pressures on startups and the SME sector. It is also putting pressure on individuals and families on social welfare and HAP scheme. This amounts to a transfer of money to private landlords that could be used on public services.

We believe we are long past breaking point as direct result of rental policy that has been either inaction or failure by consecutive government administrations. Our goal is to get networked so we can reach a critical mass of people to engage with government as a group to make sure asymmetric government rental policy is at an end.


  • Get the sign up website built.
  • Drive a social media campaign after launch.
  • Increase sign up rate.
  • Coordinate with other organizations in renting and housing.
  • Speak at events about the project.

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